Find out our collection of wholecut shoes for men hand painted by our patina artist in top quality Italian leather. All Peter Hunt shoes are made with Goodyear Welted traditional technique which results in a shoe with higher quality and durability.

The Peter Hunt wholecut shoes for men are fully made in Spain from a single piece of leather, specially selected by us from the best tanneries to ensure the high quality of its texture, touch and tone. The plain and smooth condition of its surface allows our experimented patina artist to capture his creativity, making these men’s shoes a perfect canvas for his colorful creations.
We don’t just care about the external appearance: we know that the basis of a superb footwear is its construction, that’s why our wholecuts shoes are Goodyear welted shoes. Unlike mass-produced shoes, this type of construction requires a more complex and sophisticated manufacturing process. That extra effort comes with a big reward: a flawless end product.

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